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E-commerce & Research

Ourequation - Ecommerce Stores

Electronic trade allows you sell your products/services across the globe via internet.The amount of trade has grown extraordinarily with widespread Internet usage. An e-commerce website is the most convenient and most cost effective way of buying/selling products/services.

We provide high quality and affordable E-commerce services to our clients all over the world. And to help us with this is our team of experts who are equipped with great technical skills and modern mechanism. If you are new in this selling business OurEquation leads you to success by setting up an online database for you.We specialise in Google Stores, Yahoo Stores, Amazon Marketplace and NS Commerce.

Here are some golden rules for getting E-commerce right.

Ourequation - Safety is the Priority

The most important aspect of your E-shop is not it's look or content but it's security. Your reputation online depends on how far you can protect your site and customer details from cyber criminals. These skills require an expert. This is where OurEquation comes in. Our team of experts takes care that your site is protected and does not fall in the wrong hands. There's no point committing budget elsewhere if this isn't taken care of.

Ourequation - Keep it Simple

Your online shop should be easy to use. The more the number of pages user has to navigate the lesser interest it shows in your product. Ensure that your product is just a few clicks away so that the user returns again and again.

At OurEquation we take care of removing unnecessary distractions from your website so that there are not many barriers between your customers and your product.

Ourequation - Returns Policy

Customers buy products online with the assurance that they can return their product if they don't like it.

At OurEquation we ensure that you have a robust return policy so that the customer can trust your site. This amkes them willing to shop on your site in future.

Ourequation - Give It A Professional Look

Hasty decisions can make you give your website an unprofessional look. This may lead your customer to wander to other sites. This may also give an impression that your site is not legitimate.

Make sure the visual design is sufficiently professional and that your business information is available on the homepage of your website. At OurEquation we take care of all these needs and our designers design for you a homepage that is eye catching as well as professional.

Ourequation - Promotional Strategy

All the brands, major or minor, have to promote their websites through search engine optimisation and paid advertisements.

This an expertise field and hiring a professional company is the safest bet. Ourequation partners you in your promotional venture. Our team of experts chalk's out the right promotional strategy for you which improves your search engines ranking and increases the number of visitors for your site.

Ourequation - Order Tracking Process

If your customers are able to get a track record of their order once they have paid for it, they will feel a value for their money. This will increase your credibility.

Our developers design an order tracking system for your website which will help your users track their orders' progress. We ensure that the system works properly and your customers return to you again and again.

Ourequation - What You get In E-Commerce

  • Auctions
  • Shopping Cart
  • Google Stores
  • NS Commerce
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Yahoo Stores

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