Internet Marketing

Ourequation - Internet Marketing

Having a Internet marketing strategy gives you a definitive way to target your market and position your business. This is only the first level of the sales process, but it is vital to the success of your online business.

Ourequation believes that Internet marketing is a strong medium to give your business a boost on the global level. Adhering to your needs our team takes the pleasure of helping you find best internet marketing solutions. We make sure to deliver internet marketing solutions that can explode your traffic and pose you as an expert in your field.

Let us partner you in your search for apt internet marketing solutions that gives you a better search engine ranking and maintain better customer relations.

Ourequation - Define Your Customer

Defining your customer is as necessary as defining your product or services. Growth of business is defined by you knowledge of customer base. Its important to synchronize your marketing plan with geographic reach, customer preferences & market penetration. Today, internet being a direct and cost effetive medium of marketing, the first step we or you can follow is defining your customer base.

Try and answer the following questions which might give you an honest idea of who your target customer is:

  • Geographic attributes of your customer base
  • Phsycological analysis of your customer base
  • Income profiling of your customer base
  • Gender Profiling of your customer
  • Ethinicity of your customers
  • Education Level of your target customer
  • Potential time your target costumer spends online
  • How your target customers use your product/service?

Lets take an example: If vodka sold in US may have less value than it being sold in Russia. Another thought which clearly defines the preferences is non vegeterian food will have more liking in west than in east. With east being price sensitive its important to place products which are cost effective than being exclusive and pricey.

We at OurEquation try and answer each question for your product profiling on internet. We value each dollar spent by you and ensure a million earned.

Ourequation - Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

SEO has largely picked up as internet marketing technique. The reason behind this is that search engines are one stop destination for users to locate what they desire. One of the most crucial step towards effective internet marketing is a good knowledge of SEO. Only a thorough knowledge of SEO can boost the number of clicks you get and increase your traffic. Our experts help you get a higher ranking on search engines like Google, Bing etc. Also the movement of the traffic is comprehensively analysed by our search engine marketing experts to keep you on the top.

All's there in a name – Make your website speak loud and clear – Choose the Right Domain

Shakespeare might have said, 'what's there in a name', however when you go online your domain name and niche mark the first step towards your success. Make no mistake about your niche and domain name as they are the key factors in effective internet marketing.

Ourequation - Try Yourself

  • Does your domain speak about your corporate values
  • Does your domain speak about your business
  • Does your domain brand you as market leaders
Lets analyze all that you need together with experts and get to an answer.