Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ourequation - SEO

SEO for us is Satisfaction Enriched Optimisation. Our SEO services aim at bringing your website into the top list of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others and providing you with satisfactory results like no other company does.Our SEO experts follow conscientious (white hat) SEO techniques so that your website can get placed in the top pages of the search engines and delivers maximal benefits for your busines. 100% Satisfaction Enriched Orientation Approach. Cost effective Pricing. Improving search engine rankings involves several steps. We wish to partner you in improving your search engine rankings.

Ourequation - Select The Right Keyword

The first thing which is required before optimizing a site is the selection of right keywords. Keywords are the heart of search engine optimization. It is very necessary to take care of this step as the rest of the SEO process depends on the effectiveness of this step.

At OurEquation our team of SEO Developers ensure that a right keyword is chosen for your website so that your site gets high ranking on the search engines.

Ourequation - Select The Right Domain Name

Selecting the right domain name is very essential. Choose a domain name which reflects your business or the product/services available on the site. For example if you sell flowers the domain name '' would be good enough as it presents your business to the users. This will help the user loacte your site easily. This in turn improves your SEO ranking.

Our team ensures that your domain name suits your business requirement as well as reaches out your clientele well. We ensure that you have a top page ranking for a longer time.

Ourequation - Create A Site Map

A sitemap acts as a directory for your website as each page listed in the sitemap has a hyperlink. A site map is good for getting search engines to follow your page links. It is also useful for your visitors as it helps them find the content they're looking for. It may also help them click into pages they might have otherwise overlooked. OurEquation ensures your website has a complete site map with all hyperlinks in place so that your website is easy to navigate for your users and easy to catch for the search engines.