Our Services

Ourequation - Web Development

Engrossing websites with a technical upbringing!! Our Equation understands that your clientele is as important and precious for you as you are for us.So making use of modern technologies like PHP, ASP.net, Flash, Flex we develop web applications which increases your interaction with your customers four-fold and opens a transaction channel between you and your target group. Our team uses latest Microsoft Technologies and Linux platforms to build a user-friendly easy-to-implement applications for our clients.Our services are far above our promises and aim at making you industry leader.

Ourequation - Web Design

URL makes you a celebrated star!! We at OurEquation believe strongly that a website is not only a global interface but a URL which makes you a celebrated name in this world of billions. We believe in providing you with a website solution which represents the best image and identity of your business.Apart from being remarkably presentable and impressive all the websites come to you, for you with an added advantage of being SEO as well as economical.We provide you with a web design that involves the information architecture (navigation schemes and naming conventions), the layout ( page schematics are created to show consistent placement of items including functional features), and the conceptual design including branding.

Ourequation - Internet Marketing

Don't be a turtle in the race of internet marketing.. The trend of internet marketing is catching up day to day and with this ever increasing pace of marketing has resulted into a nexus of websites competing for clicks. People worldwide are groping for strategies that would ensure traditional and targeted flow to their websites. Our Expert provide you with internet marketing solutions so that you are not left behind in this race to be on the top.OurEquation implements online marketing campaigns for you offering far-reaching impacts on your clientele and overall profit enhancement. We understand your requirements and deliver quality-centric marketing campaigns for you.

Ourequation - IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing Saves Money!! And not only money, outsourcing IT projects to OurEquation gives you benefits like Upbeat Quality, Excellent Support, Cost-Benefit, Best Resource Utilization and more.Offshore outsourcing can take your profit sheets to a higher level however to make this happen the only requirement is to invest in choosing the right company to partner with. With so many companies offering outsourcing services we give you some reasons to join hands with us and make us your outsourcing partners. We offer Lead Generation Outsourcing, HR Outsourcing, Claims Processing Outsourcing and Web Development Outsourcing, all this while meeting your requirements and keeping up with our quality standards.

Ourequation - E-Commerce

Have a global shop of your own!!! Electronic trade allows you sell your products/services across the globe via internet.The amount of trade has grown extraordinarily with widespread Internet usage. An e-commerce website is the most convenient and most cost effective way of buying/selling products/services.We provide high quality and affordable E-commerce services to our clients all over the world. And to help us with this is our team of experts who are equipped with great technical skills and modern mechanism. If you are new in this selling bussiness OurEquation leads you to success by setting up an online database for you.We specialise in Google Stores, Yahoo Stores, Amazon Marketplace and NS Commerce.

Ourequation - SEO

Rule the Search Engines at unbelievable prices!! SEO for us is Satisfaction Enriched Optimisation. Our SEO services aim at bringing your website into the top list of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others and providing you with satisfactory results like no other company does.Our SEO experts follow conscientious (white hat) SEO techniques so that your website can get placed in the top pages of the search engines and delivers maximal benefits for your bussiness. 100% Satisfaction Enriched Orientation Approach. Cost effective Pricing.

Ourequation - Web Maintenace

You create, We maintain!! Your website is the most important interface to improve your client-relationship and it can deliver it's best only if it's accessible 24x7. It is also necessary that the information provided to your users is correct and updated regularly so that it's not monotonous for the user. We understand these facts and deliver to you high-standard maintainance services including content and imagery updates, addition of stationary pages designing graphic banners, icons and flash-movies and a 24-hour trouble shoot.We also ensure that your site is catered by most technically equipped hands and thus have a pool of skill-set at economical prices.