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Web Design

Ourequation - Web Design

At OurEquation we understand that website designing is one of the first step towards reaching your goal. Understanding your needs and defining the parameters to create a website is one of the enjoyable work we do. We also promote, 'You may try it yourself'. Given our processes we can undertake your website design at any stage. This ensures at the final stage of your dream business , you have a website which is awe-inspiring as well as business, search engine (SEO) and customer oriented.

Let us partner you in your search of an ultimate web design.

Ourequation - New Age Web Design

One thing that you should keep in mind is that your clientele belongs to the 21st Century. Avoid misusing Photoshop filters. No more lens flares, bevels, drop shadows or glows. What attracts today is a simple, targeted, corporate looking website having definite goals.

Ourequation - Usability

To make a user's experience worthy on your site your web design needs to easy to use, easy to access and above all easy to understand. A website having irregular link patterns defeats any usability concepts. To get your site known in first few seconds avoid cluttering. Proper spacing and formatting is a must. A website design which has unclear text is neither liked by users nor by search engines.

Ourequation - Color Scheme

Keep your color scheme simple. Make it simpler for your users eyes. As a golden rule, website design should make use of two primary colors. That is optimal. Click here for color chart

OurEquation believes your logo color pattern should define website colors. This is important for branding. An interesting fact states that flashy websites scares the users away, so the simpler the better. For a visual understanding take a look at our website design templates.

Ourequation - Purpose-Centric Web Design

Websites designed with specific goals tend to be more successful than those carrying everything. While designing your website keep your audience and your target market in mind.

Ourequation - Decide Your Template

This is the most crucial stage of website designing. Your template needs to be very close to the theme of your project. Choosing a wrong template can lead to a complete wrong outcome for your website. Take a look at the templates designed by our experts to have a deeper understanding.

We hope that you could get whatever you need to know about website designing. Our team of expert web designers is highly skilled and equipped with latest technologies to make your web designing a We at OurEquation are eager to partner you in your website designing. For more information contact us.

Ourequation - What You Get In Website Designing

  • Corporate website designing
  • Industry based designing
  • PSD to XHTML Conversion
  • Template designs
  • User friendly websites
And above all the designing goes in accordance with OurEquation robust processes which ensures sucess for your company.

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